I have been

Throwing up all day and no one responded to covering my shift. Guess I’m working tonight….


Trying to not startle the animals in the woods while recording. I have adopted camouflage to blend in to my surroundings. This will work

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A quick Headless Horseman for that @sketch_dailies thing

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Today is dedicated to magic and sparkles.

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Another commission down.

This time an osprey! 

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Vintage Drags, Love this photo

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I’m going to

Do something extremely bad

I am

Drunk. I really am. Now is the perfect time to confess stuff,

I think you are beautiful

I think you are kind.

I think you're absolutely fantastic. Everything about you. You're one of my favorite people. I'm happy you exist.

I’m keeping this forever. :3

I wish we were closer

Closer in proximity or closer in friendship?

reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you


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